How do you process my order?

We process your order with the following steps:


We will create a squeeze page that fits your marketing campaigns. You should tell us what you need to acquire.


We will build a email marketing campaign with a list of subscribers who is appropriate for your business.


We will advertise your business on Facebook to drive traffic to your squeez page.


You will get the real results with leads generated with our advertising campaigns.

What do you need from me to process my order?

After purchase, you need to provide us with the information:


What niche / business do you need to target at?


What do you want to acquire from customer information (name, email address, birthday, city, state, country…)?


What message do you need us to send out our subscribers or advertise on Facebook?

How do I get leads with your squeeze pages?

We integrate your squeeze pages to Mailchimp, Aweber, GetResponse… where you have signed up and created a list. We will send leads to these autoresponders via API key you have provided us.

Will squeeze pages run on my own hosting?

Yes. Tell us what your current hosting account credentials are (login URL, username, and password) to allow us to directly perform the installation for you. We will create a subdomain name (yourdomain.com/campaignname) and install our squeeze page to this subdomain.

Why choose us?

We guarantee powerful actionable leads. Here’s what those leads can do for your business:

–   Grow your sales funnel by up to 5X

–   Reach decision makers up to 10X faster

–   Increase lead conversions by 2 – 10X

–   Shrink sales cycles by 20 – 80%

–   Accelerate time to market by 2 – 5X

–   Close deals up to 5X bigger

–   Boost ROI by 5 – 30X

Do I need to give you a list of target companies?

If you have one, we’ll be sure to incorporate it, but you don’t need to give us anything. List development is an essential part of our process, so we work with you to define your target market and identify the right companies and contacts to reach out to.

How will you contact my target companies?

We don’t do any cold calling or telemarketing, relying instead on targeted, compelling email conversations designed to engage your prospects and get them excited to meet with you.

Is there any programming required?

No. Our service is built for non-techies. We will do it all for you.